Will the hair reappear?

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Hairs that reappear seemingly in the same place, previously treated by an Electrologist, actually are appearing in different hair follicles.

Electrolysis treatment does not cure the causes of excess hair growth.  It eliminates the effects of the various causes. The two most common causes are heredity and the aging process. Glandular disturbances, pregnancy, stress, certain drugs, obesity and even anorexia nervosa are other causes of excess hair growth. They all stimulate the hormone necessary to grow excess hair.

Hairs are best treated when in their hair growth cycle. Each square inch of the skin contains several hundred hair follicles. Only a certain amount of these follicles are in an active hair growth cycle. The remaining hair follicles could grow hairs at any time depending on the particular hair cycle and causes of the excess hair for the particular client. When these new hairs eventually do grow, they are growing from previously dormant hair follicles, in the same area that has been treated. They are not necessarily the same hair follicles but may appear to be to the naked eye.

Fortunately, each area of the body has a set amount of hair follicles and once most or all of the active hair follicles are successfully treated the excess hair problem in that particular area is basically completed. The time necessary to complete a particular problem will depend on the severity of the problem, the causes, the type of hair, sensitivity of the skin and the sensitivity of the patient. Once an area is successfully treated, it may be necessary to receive a short treatment at infrequent intervals, depending on your case.

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