The Epic

 epic chassis

2 Year Warranty

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The Epic uses smart RF technology by incorporating precision computer control. This guarantees faster response time, extreme accuracy, and precise timing.

Has dual modalities in a single unit:

  1. High frequency-low intensity – manual timing (Low-level Shortwave)
  2. High frequency-high intensity – automatic timing (Flash)



Low Intensity RF

  • Manual adjustment capability for customized treatments
  • Pulse modality for added comfort
  • Presets for different hair types
  • Footswitch controlled
  • Audio feedback (soft tone) for operator settings and timing functions


High intensity RF Flash

  • Flash modality features adjustable pulse widths for best results
  • Uses a combination of wide and narrow pulses to assure faster epilations with maximum client comfort
  • Manual pulse adjustment for customized treatments
  • Presets for different hair types
  • Footswitch activated. Automatic treatment timing is based on selected setting