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The Elegance+ is two machines in one and provides both True blend and Flash operating modes. The newest and latest technology is used to provide faster response, extreme accuracy, and precise timing. This assures maximum client comfort.



  • Auto memory recall of previously used settings when switching between Flash and Blend modalities
  • Proven quick release presets for all hair types in both Flash and Blend modalities.
    • Preset settings remain fully adjustable by the electrologist
  • Air feature available in Flash, Blend & single currents modalities. Soothes the surface of the skin.
    • Selectable by foot switch activation, autosense or set for continuous flow
  • Hair epilation counter- increments with footswitch activation or by autosense
  • Test feature for testing probe cord, footswitches and accessories
  • Two timers – treatment (0 – 20 sec) and session (5 – 60 min)
  • Audio feedback (soft tone) for settings and timing functions


Operating Modes

Blend Mode (Single Current Modalities)

DC, RF (Low Intensity) and full BLEND currents can be activated by:

  • Two footswitches – for blend or single current (RF or DC)
  • One footswitch – (Autoblend mode) – for blend or single current (RF or DC)
  • No footswitch – (Autosense mode) – for single, dual currents or flash)


Pulse mode:

  • Low intensity RF pulsing. Available with blend or RF modalities for additional client comfort


UL display:

  • Units of lye automatically calculated when using DC current and treatment timer



  • CATA+ for post electrology treatments
  • ANA- for skin treatments


Flash Mode

Flash modality features adjustable pulse widths for best results. It uses a combination of wide and narrow pulses to assure faster epilations with maximum client comfort

  • The flash treatment is started either by footswitch activation or autosense mode. It is automatically ended as set by the chosen hair type preset or by the electrologist setting
  • Additional features such as continuous air, hair epilation counter, session timing, etc., as previously described, also apply in the flash modality