How long is the treatment process?

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Electrology is the “breaking down process.” The hair will not miraculously disappear after the first treatment, but on the average, it takes a series of three 16 week treatments.

The first 16 week period consists of the initial clearing of the area. This clearing process will consist of treatments ranging from 15 minutes to one hour, depending on the location and amount of unwanted hair to be removed. Future treatment will vary according to the pattern of subsequent hair growth.

During the second 16 week period hair will be treated that were previously in an unobservable stage of growth. These hairs are much finer and in far fewer numbers than the established hairs that were previously removed. During this phase, the frequency of the visits and duration of treatment time will usually diminish.

The third 16 week period is a maintenance program designed to successfully eliminate the hair problem.

In cases of extreme hair growth, additional series of treatments will be necessary.

Your dedication to regular treatments and your individual hair growth pattern will determine the number of necessary treatments.

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