Can the treatment be done while pregnant?

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The AEA’s guidelines for performing electrolysis on a pregnant woman are:

  1. Do not perform electrolysis on the abdomen or breasts during the last tri-mester of the pregnancy using any modality.

When using Galvanic and Blend modalities, imagine the shortest path through body between the treatment site and the indifferent electrode.  Make sure this path does not pass through the abdomen or pelvis during the entire pregnancy.

Example 1 : If working on the left leg, place the indifferent electrode of the left thigh

Example 2 : If working on the face, place the indifferent electrode in one of the hands

Do not work on the Abdomen during the entire pregnancy

The lower bikini line can be worked on during the first 2 tri-mesters of pregnancy if the indifferent electrode is placed on one of the legs/thighs closest to the area being worked on.

Excerpt from guidelines ’97-’98 for Permanent Hair Removal Using the Electrolysis Modalities by James E. Schuster, MD, Dermatologist, Electrologist, Researcher and Consultant to the AEA

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