Frequently Asked Questions


What technical support is available?

Clareblend offers free technical support when problems occur with the epilator or accessories. We troubleshoot the problem over the phone by asking specific, key questions and performing tests with the accessories. Generally, within 10 minutes or less, we can determine if the equipment must be sent to us for servicing or if the problem is accessory related.

Does Clareblend offer any networking?

We strongly believe in sharing information. If you have a problem we will try to answer your questions or put you in contact with someone who may have experienced the same circumstances.


Does Electrology hurt?

Very little, if at all. There’s a slight feeling of warmth at the follicle when current is applied, lasting but an instant. The “blend” method is adjustable to many different comfort levels within its effective range.

How long does treatment take?

The length of treatment depends entirely on the area to be cleared, hair type size, location and density of growth. On the face, treatment is limited to a one half hour session or less at any one time. Each hair must be treated individually. Leg and arm clearance sessions may run longer.

How often do I come for treatments?

This, of course, depends on how much hair is being treated. The number of treatments required can be determined only by expert evaluation. Your Electrologist can estimate the time frame during your consultation.

Is permanent hair removal expensive?

Not any more. Specialization and development of new equipment has brought the cost of this one-time “luxury” down to almost anyone’s means. Electrolysis is perhaps the least expensive cosmetic service you will ever employ…particularly in view of its permanent improvement.

How long is the treatment process?

Electrology is the “breaking down process.” The hair will not miraculously disappear after the first treatment, but on the average, it takes a series of three 16 week treatments.

The first 16 week period consists of the initial clearing of the area. This clearing process will consist of treatments ranging from 15 minutes to one hour, depending on the location and amount of unwanted hair to be removed. Future treatment will vary according to the pattern of subsequent hair growth.

During the second 16 week period hair will be treated that were previously in an unobservable stage of growth. These hairs are much finer and in far fewer numbers than the established hairs that were previously removed. During this phase, the frequency of the visits and duration of treatment time will usually diminish.

The third 16 week period is a maintenance program designed to successfully eliminate the hair problem.

In cases of extreme hair growth, additional series of treatments will be necessary.

Your dedication to regular treatments and your individual hair growth pattern will determine the number of necessary treatments.

Will the hair reappear?

Hairs that reappear seemingly in the same place, previously treated by an Electrologist, actually are appearing in different hair follicles.

Electrolysis treatment does not cure the causes of excess hair growth.  It eliminates the effects of the various causes. The two most common causes are heredity and the aging process. Glandular disturbances, pregnancy, stress, certain drugs, obesity and even anorexia nervosa are other causes of excess hair growth. They all stimulate the hormone necessary to grow excess hair.

Hairs are best treated when in their hair growth cycle. Each square inch of the skin contains several hundred hair follicles. Only a certain amount of these follicles are in an active hair growth cycle. The remaining hair follicles could grow hairs at any time depending on the particular hair cycle and causes of the excess hair for the particular client. When these new hairs eventually do grow, they are growing from previously dormant hair follicles, in the same area that has been treated. They are not necessarily the same hair follicles but may appear to be to the naked eye.

Fortunately, each area of the body has a set amount of hair follicles and once most or all of the active hair follicles are successfully treated the excess hair problem in that particular area is basically completed. The time necessary to complete a particular problem will depend on the severity of the problem, the causes, the type of hair, sensitivity of the skin and the sensitivity of the patient. Once an area is successfully treated, it may be necessary to receive a short treatment at infrequent intervals, depending on your case.

Can the treatment be done while pregnant?

The AEA’s guidelines for performing electrolysis on a pregnant woman are:

  1. Do not perform electrolysis on the abdomen or breasts during the last tri-mester of the pregnancy using any modality.

When using Galvanic and Blend modalities, imagine the shortest path through body between the treatment site and the indifferent electrode.  Make sure this path does not pass through the abdomen or pelvis during the entire pregnancy.

Example 1 : If working on the left leg, place the indifferent electrode of the left thigh

Example 2 : If working on the face, place the indifferent electrode in one of the hands

Do not work on the Abdomen during the entire pregnancy

The lower bikini line can be worked on during the first 2 tri-mesters of pregnancy if the indifferent electrode is placed on one of the legs/thighs closest to the area being worked on.

Excerpt from guidelines ’97-’98 for Permanent Hair Removal Using the Electrolysis Modalities by James E. Schuster, MD, Dermatologist, Electrologist, Researcher and Consultant to the AEA


Why is my skin not like it used to be?

As we age our blood circulation slows down resulting in a lack of nutrients and stimulation to the muscle. The muscle begins to weaken and gravity will encourage it to droop.

How can Microcurrent help?

Microcurrent increases production of collagen and elastin, stimulates circulation, giving the skin a rejuvenated appearance.

How long does the facial rejuvenation session last?

About one hour. Your beauty specialist will be able to tell you how many sessions are required to achieve maximum results.

How long will the results last?

After completing a series of treatments a maintenance treatment every 3-6 months is recommended to retain the results.